A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program is used to increase traffic to a website in order to generate more leads, sales, and stakeholder engagement. They are often used as part of a broader, Content Marketing strategy. SEO projects often include these action items.

Action Items
A summary of this process and our services include:

  • Analyzing the type of SEO needed (e.g. local, national, international, lead generation, e-commerce, non-profit engagement).
  • Creating benchmark reports to gauge the success of the project at a later date.
  • Determining the most valuable keywords that someone would enter into a search engine.
  • Optimizing the content of a website based on the target keywords.
  • Optimizing the structure of a website to ensure the greatest visibility.
  • Developing new content (blog posts, videos, web pages, social media posts) based on target keywords.
  • Creating landing pages with specific content related to a keyword as well as convert users with a form or product purchase.
  • Increasing inbound links from other websites.
  • Implementing local optimization techniques.
  • Optimizing social media, blogs and web directories to increase visibility, traffic and page rank.
  • Optimizing listings in vertical search directories (e.g. ThomasNet,, GlobalSpec, and
  • Utilizing the contextual advertising feature of Google Adwords.
  • Reputation monitoring and response management.
  • Analyzing traffic data and metrics to refine the SEO program.

Each SEO project includes a customized plan based on the industry the organization is in, often implemented in two phases. First an in-depth initial project that includes determining the best SEO strategy as well as implementing tactics to increase traffic, visibility and leads. The second phase is a monthly program to maintain the increased traffic, visibility and leads.

The following summaries describe SEO projects completed by Bartlett.

  1. Industry: Technology 
    Objective: Lead generation 
    • 700% increase in landing page form registrants 
    • 155% increased traffic in 3 months from top 10 organic keywords 
    • 118% increase in PPC visitors vs. previous campaign manager 
  2. Industry: Retail
    Objective: E-commerce and national 
    • 57 Google listings in the top three positions
    • 25,000 unique visitors in 1 month
    • over 800% increase in traffic in the first two months
  3. Industry: Retail
    Objective: Local, Brand awareness
    • 260% increase in organic traffic in the first month
    • 700% increase in traffic for selected keyword in the first month
  4. Industry: Clean Technology
    Objective: Keyword Optimization
    • up to an 80% increase in traffic for selected keywords in the first two months 
  5. Industry: Media
    Objective: Local
    • 130% increase in organic traffic in first two months
    • 56% increase in pageview/visit in first two months
    • 79% increase in traffic in the first two months
    • 70% of the traffic is local
  6. Industry: Non-Profit
        Objective: Local, Keyword Optimization
    • up to 58% increase in organic traffic after keyword optimization & content training
  7. Industry: Manufacturing Industry
    Objective: Drive customers to distributors' stores
    • approximate 50% increase in online orders over one year period

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