Pay per click

Pay per click

The popularity of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords, is a testament to how effective and customer-focused PPC can be. The problem is that it’s often not managed effectively. The key components of an effective campaign include:

Keyword Analysis: Choosing the right keywords and writing effective ad text is the foundation of a successful campaign. This entails industry research, competitor analysis and reviewing natural page rank so that keywords are not bought when the natural rank is already high.

Landing Pages: It’s important to have the visitor land on a page that has a seamless transition from the ad to the site in order to increase conversion (leads and sales). These landing pages should also have a call to action form so that the true effectiveness of the campaign can be assessed.

Program Monitoring: Regularly reviewing results is key to knowing which ads are worth continuing and/or if the campaign is providing an appreciable return on investment. This entails reviewing results as well as optimizing landing pages to understand the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

We create messaging that combines the right keywords, ad messaging, and site experience to produce sales. Every aspect of your campaign is analyzed regularly with reporting that is insightful and easy to understand so that we can help our clients grow online.

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