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We have provided in-house web development and technology services since 1998. The technologies we use are based on what is best for our client’s specific application, plus our understanding of the most capable, cost effective and risk averse options available. The type of services we provide include front-end website development, web application development, mobile first-responsive web development and content management, as well as technology and security audits.

Initially we used Microsoft technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic and resources from the MSDN library. Soon thereafter we switched to open source content management systems, using PHP and a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). More recently we are using Javascript frameworks to improve performance and the UX.

Our first site using the open source framework Drupal was built around 2005 and WordPress around 2010. Since then most sites we build use either WordPress or Drupal, their respective e-commerce platforms and modules/plugins. Some of the other content management systems we have used include Joomla, SiteCore, SquareSpace, Hubspot, Expression Engine, SharePoint, Shopify, and Kentico.

Now that there are over 250 types of devices that access the Internet, and mobile is the primary device consumers use, we build sites using a Responsive Web Design (RWD) and a Mobile First development approach. This involves developing a website that scales appropriately to the user’s device, helping ensure each experience is optimized. RWD has SEO benefits as well, with Google ranking RWD pages higher.

In addition to content management systems we use a variety of web development technologies, frameworks and server side scripting languages. A summary of these include:  

  • Javascript: React, Angular, Vue
  • PHP: Laravel, Symfony
  • Query Language: GraphQL
  • Front end frameworks: Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation
  • Other: Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Materialize

The technologies we use continually evolve as we evaluate the best methods for meeting our clients needs.

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Bartlett works at the intersection of design, technology and marketing. We’re focused on helping organizations achieve their goals and grow online.


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