Maintenance & support

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The magic behind the scenes from maintenance and support to web development and more.

Maintenance & support

Maintenance and support are part of providing our clients with exceptional service. Or goal is to deliver a site that is easy to use and edit since websites are ‘never done.’ We provide training, support, security updates, and maintenance so clients can easily publish content and maintain their site.

Our training can be held in person in our Concord, MA studio or remotely for instruction on page and content editing. This includes Drupal and Wordpress as well as other content management systems and technologies. We also provide follow up support for reviewing site analytics, e-commerce reports, website editing, publishing, and site administration for continuous insight into helping online growth.

Bartlett also offers ongoing server support as Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which include monthly server monitoring, website security, module updates, and backups to keep sites up to date and safe.

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