Site Monitoring & SLA's

Our standard site monitoring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) include:

  • Perform monthly Drupal module, core and security updates and test to ensure the site is working properly after updates are complete.
  • Set up back ups utilizing services provided by the hosting company or other options. This will ensure the site can be restored if the web server is compromised.
  • Review disk space and memory usage and recommend upgrades when needed to ensure the site doesn't go down due to memory shortages.
  • Install a 'website uptime' utility that sends an alert when the site goes down.
  • Include BI personnel as a Technical Contact with the hosting company. This way whenever there is an issue with the site, BI will receive an email from the hosting company.
  • Set up Google Analytics so that reports are sent each month showing website usage and statistics.

More advanced SLAs include:

  • Server monitoring and upgrades
  • Load balancing and horizontal scaling for high traffic sites
  • Server performance optimization
  • Anti spam tools and mitigation
  • Rapid response troubleshooting

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