The Internet has fundamentally changed the way companies engage customers and communicate their value proposition. Bartlett specializes in the following areas:

These services typically are integrated with lead capture techniques employed when designing/developing a website, including landing pages and micro-sites specifically created to convert site visitors.

Below are a few statistics highlighting the effectiveness of Internet marketing.

Highest ROI
E-mail provides the highest return on investment of the following marketing programs:

  • House e-mail marketing: 25%
  • Search Engine Optimization: 18%
  • Paid Search: 16%
  • Public Relations: 12%
  • Direct Mail: 12%
  • Print Advertising: 4%
  • Online Ads (banners etc.): 3%

Source: MarketingSherpa Search Benchmark Guide

Lowest Cost Per Meeting

  • Paid Search: $250
  • E-mail: $700
  • White Paper: $900
  • Trade shows: $2,500

Source: Marketing Sherpa B to B Demand Generation Summit

E-Mail Statistics

  • E-mail has the highest ROI of marketing vehicles producing $57 for every dollar spent. (OgliveyOne Worlwide, Jeanniey Mullen)
  • 64% of key decision makers view e-mail on Blackberries and other mobile devices. (MarketingSherpa)
  • 59% of e-mails are viewed with images turned off. (MarketingSherpa)

Outbound vs. Inbound Cost Per Lead

  • Outbound (trade shows, direct mail, print ads, TV/radio ads)

$255 cost per lead

  • Inbound (Search Engine Optimization, blogging, social media, RSS, public relations)

$45 per lead

Source: HubSpot

Who Finds Who

80% of tech buyers say they found the vendor/product/service. 20% say the vendor found them. The most popular online venues are:

  • Google 83%
  • Vendor website: 26%
  • Online Publication: 21%
  • Online Directories: 20%
  • Online Communities: 19%
  • Analyst website: 13%
  • Yahoo search: 14%

Source: MarketingSherpa/KnowledgeStorm Connecting Through Content

Through 2010 enterprises that deploy CRM strategies (such as and Eloqua) will return at least 25 percent better financial metrics than those that don't (0.8 probability).

Source: Gartner, Inc. Ten Secrets for Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise, by Scott Nelson


According to a Proctor & Gamble survey:

  • PR delivers significant ROI overall, much greater than advertising, and provides a halo effect over other marketing tactics
  • PR showed an overall 275% ROI
  • PR delivers high ROI with relatively low spend in comparison to other marketing vehicles.
  • SEO is a part of any PR program

Source: Proctor & Gamble, as reported by Web Marketing Today


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