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Are you in the stages of a website redesign? Don't forget to integrate the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that you have applied to the existing site to the redesigned site as well. Download the SEO Checklist and follow our steps to help maintain your website traffic, even after it has launched.  Haven't performed any SEO tactics on your website yet? Use our checklist to help perform basic optimization techniques before or after your web redesign.  Download our SEO Checklist It is common for web traffic to drop after a web... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Thursday October 8, 2015
While at Inbound2015, we attended an eye opening session presented by Lyle Stevens, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mavrck, an Influencer Marketing platform for driving sales on social networks. “Influencer Marketing” is a new marketing term, but is something we see almost every day. According to AdWeek, 60% of marketers plan on boosting influence marketing budgets within the next 12 months. For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, $6.50 is made by the business. With an ROI almost as high as email marketing, we can see why influencer marketing... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Monday September 21, 2015
It has been over a week since the last day of Inbound 2015 and we are still on an inbound marketing high. I can’t possibly fit all of the Inbound awesomeness into one blog post, so this week we will look at the “Four Corners of Conversion”, a standout session by Oli Gardner, the co-founder of Unbounce. As Oli points out, there is a lot of really bad marketing out there that we should not be subjecting our customers to. Instead, we need to delight our customers with exceptional experiences! So, how do we make everyone have the best possible... Read more »
Call-to-Actions (CTA) for lawn care companies are about generating leads. Since most people know what they want when they visit a lawn care company, it’s important to put the CTA above the fold on the home page. As defined in our online glossary, a CTA “could be in the form of a text link, button, image, or another type of weblink that entices a visitor of your site to be directed further into the site to help them learn more or become a lead.” There are various types of CTAs, including “Request a Quote or Estimate”, “Contact Us” or “Click... Read more »
Five easy steps to make changes to a web page that uses Page Builder by SiteOrigin in Wordpress. This post will only cover basic steps on how to access your Wordpress pages, edit the content of a page, preview changes and finally how to bring your changes live. For this example, we are using the Page Builder Plugin by SiteOrigin which gives a different user interface than the traditional Wordpress Page editor. First, you will need to login to the website dashboard. You do that by going to <domain>/wp-admin ( Read more »
This post was written by Bartlett Interactive guest blogger Nick Rojas.  We all know how important design is for websites, everything from mobile accessibility to user experience (UX) and an aesthetically pleasing appearance that draws visitor’s attention and retention. There’s plenty of statistics out there that show if your website loads too slowly, users will quickly flee your page. According to Kissmetrics, these are the top eight reasons visitors leave websites: Poor Navigation Too Much Advertising Bad Structuring of Content Invasive... Read more »
Has your website fallen to the wayside as your other business priorities rise? Don’t let your site get old and outdated, it has a huge impact on your existing and potential clients. Check out a few of our favorite stats about user experience, web design and more! Users only read slightly more than a quarter of the content they see on a web page. (Source: Inspired Mag) 40% of people will abandon a website page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. (Source: Nuanced Media) 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number... Read more »
It’s important to consider the overall branding and User Experience (UX) design when looking to increase leads and conversions. A while back we redesigned a site for MicroE Systems. MicroE is a very successful OEM that develops encoders for use in high tech manufacturing. We designed their original site around 10 years ago as well a newer one more recently.  NOTE: The newer design produced over 200% more new leads per month than the old design. To understand why, let’s first start with the old design. We designed this layout, though it was... Read more »
Over the past few years a new User Experience design trend has spread rapidly. For lack of a better term it’s called Row Based Design. This design style uses single rows to display content instead of columns. BENEFITS Here are some of the benefits of Row Based Design: Ease of Use: Since content is displayed in a row it's quicker to understand. The other approach, using columns, presents subject matter side by side, where content competes with other content for the viewers attention. Mobile Friendly: Since content is presented in a... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Wednesday December 24, 2014
It’s been a great year for B2B marketers, especially as the use of content marketing and Internet marketing by companies continues to increase. Here is a list of awesome B2B marketing statistics that we have collected to recap the state of B2B marketing today. The biggest challenge B2B marketers face in regards to lead generation is generating high-quality leads (61%). (B2B Technology Marketing Community) B2B companies place a higher value on educational formats like blogging and webinars, whereas consumer businesses are slightly more... Read more »



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