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It is the goal of any business website to rise to the top in search engine results when potential clients and leads are seeking their services. This is accomplished by optimizing the content of the website to appeal to these prospects through specialized search engine positioning. Using a B2B client example, the leadership development experts Insight Experience, we can see how search engine optimization works. Keywords Keyword research starts with learning what potential customers and leads are searching for. We work with our clients to... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Friday December 12, 2014
LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network of the Internet with more than 330 million members in over 200 countries and territories. (source) There are 107 million LinkedIn users in the United States and professionals are signing up to join the social media network at a rate of more than two members per second. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is more tailored to the business world, and ideally suited for B2B marketers. Here are three ways to leverage LinkedIn for B2B marketing: The LinkedIn Publishing Platform LinkedIn... Read more »
5 aspects to consider before developing a corporate website from an I.T. perspective I spoke with John Gardner, director of IT at Haartz Corporation and other members of the IT department recently about web development and content management systems. We launched a new site for Haartz in 2014. Haartz was founded in 1897 and is the leader of automotive topping fabrics and interior trim materials. Their headquarters are in Acton, Ma., and they also have locations in Germany, India, China, Detroit and Mexico.  Here are 5 aspects of web... Read more »
Landing pages are created to direct visitors into a certain action, thus converting them into qualified leads. It may sound simple, but effective landing pages must capture your visitors’ attention enough for them to submit their valuable lead generation information into your website. So, how do you create a lead-generating landing page for your B2B website? Here are 5 elements that make up a great B2B landing page: Simplicity. It is important to keep the attention of your visitor once they arrive on your landing page. A good landing page... Read more »
Internet Marketing Insights from Louis Gudema I had the pleasure of hearing Louis Gudema of revenue + associates speak the other week at a Concord Mafia meeting. Here are takeaways from his presentation based on a white paper he wrote called “6 Strategies for Marketing Technology Vendors that will Accelerate Growth”. Adoption: Only a small percentage of most companies are implementing Internet marketing programs. Louis researched a few hundred companies and found that of the 9 different types of Internet marketing programs only about 2 on... Read more »
Before getting to the key questions to ask before choosing a CMS, here’s a project experience we had that has greatly influenced my thinking on this topic. The first website we designed was back in 1998 for We designed the site and the logo and coded the front end i.e. the presentation layer with HTML, javascript and CSS. We then handed the code off to another company that integrated it into a proprietary shopping cart ecommerce software application that they had written in C++. Altogether the design, coding and e-commerce... Read more »
Here are highlights taken from a recent Dries Buytaert keynote address about how Drupal can serve the enterprise market as well as how Drupal compares to other CMSs. Dries is the founder of Drupal and Acquia. Drupal is the CMS behind 12% of the web’s top 100,000 most-visited websites. This far exceeds competitor applications such as Adobe CQ5 and SiteCore. Over 1 million websites are powered by Drupal. Over 50% of the top media companies use Drupal. This includes Warner Music, with over 300 websites on Drupal. GE made the... Read more »
What follows is pricing and other information about a few different fee based CMS software applications and the open source application Drupal. Note the comparisons are informal and not definitive. They are meant to highlight the fact that enterprise level CMSs are very expensive compared to Drupal. Sharepoint Price: Depending on amount of users price varies from $12,000 - $14,000 in software costs, $7,500 - $250,000 in user licenses, and $15,000-200,000 in implementation, intranet planning and launch costs. Note however Sharepoint is... Read more »
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by harry
Thursday October 9, 2014
It was a pleasure visiting UTEC, a client of ours, to attend the opening of Cafe UTEC last week and support their most recent initiative. The large turnout included inspired teens, social activists and members of the business community. The mayor of Lowell, Rodney M. Elliott, also attended and spoke at the event.  UTEC is a nationally recognized youth development agency that focuses on helping disconnected youth trade violence and poverty for social and economic success. Rodney M. Elliott, Mayor of Lowell We greatly appreciated the... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Thursday September 25, 2014
We are bombarded with new marketing techniques every day, so it’s easy to wonder if more traditional approaches, like email marketing, are still relevant. Have no fear, email marketing is NOT dead! In fact, it is alive and kicking -- and offering the best ROI for your marketing dollars. For every $1 spent, there is a $44.25 average return on the email marketing investment. (Source) Plus, did you know that 91% of consumers check their email daily? (Source) All of this being said, email marketing can help your brand and your business. How... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Thursday September 18, 2014
Congratulations! You have a shiny new website built especially for you... now what do you do?? We like to describe a new website like an “island” to our clients. The website is now officially out there in cyberspace, but just like an island, it has no way for people to access it. The next step in the process would be to start building the roads and bridges that help visitors to get there. Let’s start with some of the best ways to begin marketing your website so people can see it: 1) Through Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing a website... Read more »
B2B Content Marketing Best Practices from Bartlett Interactive As search engines continue to release updates and changes in algorithims, content marketing is growing increasingly important for companies that need to build an online strategy. Google now rewards websites that produce great content with higher rankings in search results pages and better lead opportunities. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing yet generates 3 times as many leads. (Source) The phrase "Content is King"  is heard over and over again, yet... Read more »
It all begins with a keyword. But, do you know how to choose keywords for your blogging strategy? Keyword research is the most important aspect of search marketing, yet often can be the most confusing. Keywords are the building blocks for a successful marketing campaign, but which keywords should you use? Who is your target audience? What makes a keyword “good” and why are some keywords better or worse than others? Keyword: A keyword is a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine to help find a website. It is how people search... Read more »
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by harry
Thursday March 27, 2014
50 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Firm. Below is a rather exhaustive and sometimes humorous list of questions from a prospective client we received recently. While many of the questions are basic, I think they help highlight the many variables and options when building a website. Q. Are you experienced with using WordPress?  A. Yes, we have worked with WordPress for many years and have built many sites with it. WordPress is a strong brand and has widespread appeal, however from a web development perspective it lacks the... Read more »
Great library websites need to do many things well, including: provide a compelling user experience, effectively publish and provide access to content, promote library online and offline services and increase community engagement. This is the first in a series on the different aspects of an effective library website. PART ONE: User Experience Let’s first start with a critique of a Home page and the overall design ‘theme’. Here’s an example of a design we did for the Watertown Free Public Library in Watertown, MA. Much thought was put into... Read more »

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