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Google Analytics provides different ways to look at website data. Previously, we looked at 5 analytics tools you didn't know existed. Now I will demo how to use Users Flow in Google Analytics to build a strategy to increase sales and lead generation. It tracks the user's path through your website from one page to the next. Users Flow is best used to determine how users navigate to important conversion areas like contact, sales completion, landing, cart, etc. and where they go next. Ideally, thank you and confirmation pages. Below are step by... Read more »
The biotech firm is in its 10th year and came to us for a new website and inbound optimization. At the start of the project we aimed to match their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through implementing SEO best practices in order to target their website for the right type of customers they are looking to communicate with. Bartlett sought to increase brand visibility, quality website traffic, and quality leads. Through our work over a 3 month period not only did traffic increase, but also the quality of that traffic was improved.  What We Did... Read more »
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by harry
Thursday January 7, 2016
An overview of the Presencing Institute's Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) and our contribution to the development of the online community. The final live stream for U.Lab 2015 happened earlier in December. 50,000 people from 180 countries around the world took the class titled "Transforming Business, Society and Self." It was a resounding success, with 1/3rd of surveyed respondents declaring the class "life changing." We greatly appreciate the opportunity to help create the social collaborative community that supports this MOOC and want to... Read more »
Last year we wrote a blog that was a big hit with fans. The blog post was centered around ways to help promote a new website. It included search engine optimization, great content, email marketing, social media and video marketing. There are many, many other ways to promote a new website, so we’ve decided to create another list for our visitors. Through an Online Press Release It is important to write a press release to announce the launch of your new website. This release can be distributed through various online release websites, such as... Read more »
Tis the time of the year to think about what's to come in 2016, what new things should we be on the lookout for, what will the new trends be. Here I want to develop an all encompassing list of trends to look for in the coming year. Compiled are all of the top trends that have been forecasted from influencers across the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. Forbes Top SEO Trends 1. Video to overtake written content in ROI for B2C New technology developments and improvements on current technology will help video to outgrow written... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Friday December 11, 2015
Hurray, Hurray for Drupal 8! Yes, it’s official, Drupal 8 is here and the team at Bartlett Interactive is pretty excited. So what is the big deal? Let us tell you:   The Long Process The development of Drupal 8 took over 4 years of development to create. In this time there have been some major changes to Drupal 7, including some sweet new programming concepts and a powerful new suite of tools. This includes 200 new features and improvements. It appears that in the future, Drupal will be releasing intermittent features rather than one... Read more »
Typically most organizations use Google Analytics to review their website performance. However, Google Analytics is a very advanced tool that offers extensive, rich data at your fingertips. Has your business taken the time to dive deeper into your analytics data? Here are 5 great tools in Google Analytics that every business should be paying attention to in order to drill down into the data. Demographics Here you can learn about the age range and gender of people typically viewing your company’s website. The demographic tool gives insights... Read more »
Are you in the stages of a website redesign? Don't forget to integrate the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that you have applied to the existing site to the redesigned site as well. Download the SEO Checklist and follow our steps to help maintain your website traffic, even after it has launched.  Haven't performed any SEO tactics on your website yet? Use our checklist to help perform basic optimization techniques before or after your web redesign.  Download our SEO Checklist It is common for web traffic to drop after a web... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Thursday October 8, 2015
While at Inbound2015, we attended an eye opening session presented by Lyle Stevens, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mavrck, an Influencer Marketing platform for driving sales on social networks. “Influencer Marketing” is a new marketing term, but is something we see almost every day. According to AdWeek, 60% of marketers plan on boosting influence marketing budgets within the next 12 months. For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, $6.50 is made by the business. With an ROI almost as high as email marketing, we can see why influencer marketing... Read more »
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by rachelyn
Monday September 21, 2015
It has been over a week since the last day of Inbound 2015 and we are still on an inbound marketing high. I can’t possibly fit all of the Inbound awesomeness into one blog post, so this week we will look at the “Four Corners of Conversion”, a standout session by Oli Gardner, the co-founder of Unbounce. As Oli points out, there is a lot of really bad marketing out there that we should not be subjecting our customers to. Instead, we need to delight our customers with exceptional experiences! So, how do we make everyone have the best possible... Read more »



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