Online & Website Term Glossary

The Glossary is an educational tool to help people understand the different aspects of website development and internet marketing. 

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When a site is redesigned most often the page URLs change on the new site. Search engines store old page URLs until the site is completely re-… Read more

This is the message that users receive when they land on a webpage that has been removed. Old URLs remain indexed by search engines thus users… Read more

This refers to how easily users can access web page content. For example, if someone is hearing impaired and the web page requires sound to… Read more

Ad copy, short for advertisement copy, pertains to text on the internet written for paid advertisements typically on PPC or Social Media campaigns… Read more

This refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Section 508 of this act covers electronic communications, specifically that web pages need to… Read more

What it is: A web content management system geared toward large corporations. CQ5 creates, optimizes and analyzes site content and user… Read more

This is a PPC management site for Google. Here you set up campaigns, ad copy, and bid on keywords that you'd like to run ads on. 

You only… Read more

This refers to a type of project management process. Projects that use the Agile process utilize an iterative and incremental process for the… Read more

This is the formula that search engines use in order to determine what your website does, the type of products/services that are available and… Read more

This is the first release of the site for the client to review. The site is not yet live but has been tested internally by Bartlett Interactive.… Read more

A description of an image in a website's HTML. Search engines read the Alt text of an image because they can not "read" the image itself. Alt text… Read more

The average length of a session.

This is a link from other websites that point to a specific page on your website. 

Backlinks are important for SEO but only if done… Read more

These reports are created at the beginning of a SEO project. Typical reports show how many unique visitors are going to a site or show rankings by… Read more

Black Hat SEO are attempted ways of tricking search engines to rank a website better. They are in poor practice and in the end go against search… Read more

Blog is short for web log. They are logs of entries on specific topics that relate to areas of expertise of the writer. They range from expressing… Read more

A way to associate groups of content and easily access associated content, frequently used in Blogs.

The percentage of visits in which a person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with your site.

This refers to the set of browsers that the site needs to work properly on. It includes browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer as well… Read more

Buyer Persona is a description of your ideal customer base that is derived from market research and real data on your current customers. If you… Read more

Caching enables faster page load times by storing information more efficiently. This functionality is enabled through the CMS as well as the… Read more

This could be in the form of a text link, button, image, or another type of weblink that entices a visitor of your site to be directed further… Read more

"cc" stands for country code when dealing with top level domains(TLD). Typical TLD is .com but websites in the UK, for example would be… Read more

This term refers to the rate at which a search ad or other types of online marketing items are clicked on. It is typically expressed as a… Read more

This stands for Content Management System. Some of the top CMSs are: Drupal, WordPress, Adobe CQ5 WCM, SiteCore, SharePoint, Joomla, Expression… Read more

Compass functions as a framework for CSS. Sometimes CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can become overly complicated; Compass addresses this problem by… Read more

Content marketing is used to increase traffic, engagement, conversion and acquire new leads as well as increase sales. It lies at the core of most… Read more

Frequently content needs to be migrated from one site to another or from an old site to a new site. A migration can be done using tools such as… Read more

Websites typically contain different types of content, such as an article, news, events, videos, polls etc. In Drupal, these are called 'Content… Read more

This refers to when someone enters information or clicks on a social media button, ‘converting’ them from an anonymous person to a known quantity… Read more

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