Pay Per Click

The popularity of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google AdWords, is a testament to how effective and customer focused PPC can be. The problem is that it’s often not managed effectively. The key components of an effective campaign include:

Keyword Analysis: Choosing the right keywords and writing effective ad text is the foundation of a successful campaign. This entails industry research, competitor analysis and reviewing natural page rank so that keywords are not bought when the natural rank is already high.

Landing Pages: It’s important to have the visitor land on a page that has a seamless transition from the ad to the site in order to increase conversion (leads and sales). These landing pages should also have a call to action form so that the true effectiveness of the campaign can be assessed. See more about our landing page services.

Program Monitoring: Regularly reviewing results is key to knowing which ads are worth continuing and/or if the campaign is providing an appreciable return on investment. This entails reviewing results as well as optimizing landing pages to understand the overall effectiveness of a campaign.


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