Websites that Build Brands

While SEO and Internet marketing have more cache today, branding and user experience design is still at the core of an online initiative’s success.

We focus on the following:

  • Research: Understanding the customer and competitors. Every project includes primary research (client input, brand attributes and competitors) and secondary (best in class visual communications drawn from resources such as Communication Arts and online ‘best of’ sites).
  • Design: Effectively communicating brand attributes and creating a compelling user experience design.
  • User Profiles: Employing ‘user profiles’ to guide the design. These are descriptions of key user types (audience) e.g. Sophia LaCombe, 35, research analyst at a NY publishing company who will be using the site in the following ways... These user profiles are helpful when determining the information architecture and designing the user experience to ensure the site is ‘user centric’ and covers the different types of users.
  • Information Architecture: Reviewing the existing site and competitor sites and determining the best navigation schema.
  • Content: Developing compelling copy, video, photography, illustration and information graphics.
  • SEO: Increasing brand awareness through search engine optimization. This includes keyword analysis, creating new content and optimizing existing content.
  • Social Web: Styling social media platforms to match the branding. Adding sharing and social media widgets globally and individually as appropriate. Utilize more in-depth social integration such as the ability to login via Facebook, YouTube channel integration and LinkedIn integration.
  • Analytics: Setting up goals and reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide insight into a brand’s visibility and marketing performance.

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