Rebecca Hinojosa

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Rebecca Hinojosa


Rebecca specializes in graphic design and illustration. She has 5 years of experience as a designer first in her native Venezuela and now in the Boston Area. She is well-versed in the design principles of typography, composition, and color and how they are applied to design, branding, print design, and most recently, web design. She has extensive experience with software applications such as Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe Premier Pro. Previous to joining BI she was the lead graphic designer at Atipico Decor in Caracas Venezuela. She completed the 2-year graphic design program at the Instituto Creativo Digital/ICD in San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela before moving to the U.S. Rebecca loves playing the piano, drawing, and dancing. She is also interested in languages and is learning Japanese as well as has taught English as a second language. 

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