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The magic behind the scenes from maintenance and support to web development and more.

Web development

We speak many languages here at Bartlett but we’re really fluent in HTML, CSS, SASS preprocess, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Symphony framework, and MySQL. Site visitors may not see what’s under the hood, but that’s the engine that makes a site function seamlessly and respond rapidly. Our development team is skilled in building sites that accelerate your online presence.

The Bartlett designers, developers and project managers work in close collaboration from the start of a project to consider usability, functionality, platforms, and user flow. We are always on top of latest technologies and best practices to develop sites with an exceptional user experience.

And since English is not the primary language of approximately 75% of people using the Internet, multilingual or ‘localization’ is often a critical component of a website. We can set up a multilingual capability with the CMS and configure a toggle that allows site users to switch between languages.

There are many other factors we take into account during development like accessibility and security for the best possible user experience. We develop our sites according to W3C standards to make the site accessible for users with disabilities.

To prevent dreaded website downtime or hacking we take careful measures to add multiple levels of security. We regularly install security and uptime utilities, conduct security code review and backup planning for all our clients.

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