Web development

Web development

We work with many coding languages, platforms, frameworks, and technologies such as Drupal, WordPress, CiviCRM, HTML5, CSS, SASS preprocessors, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Symphony framework, and MySQL.

Technology decisions are based on the user experience design and how well tested a platform is as well as how well supported it will be in the future. We actively review the latest technologies and best practices to maximize a site's longevity and cost-effectiveness.

We have extensive experience in other areas as well such as developing sites that meet ADA and section 508 accessibility requirements and W3C standards as well as 'localized', multi-lingual international sites. We also have experience utilizing Schema markup up for rich snippets and improving search engine optimization.

With over 20 years of experience designing and building websites and web applications, we focus on making prudent technology recommendations for our clients ensuring they understand the implications and advantages of the technologies that will be used.

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