Internet usage on mobile devices is exceeding desktop access. Responsive and scalable websites are more critical than ever with ever-increasing mobile usage and because Google favors mobile-friendly websites in search results. A responsive website is critical to the success of any online presence.

Mobile web development also encompass different types of user interfaces and technologies such as dedicated mobile websites, apps developed for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows operating systems, and wearable devices.

Successful mobile implementations include:

  • Determining the best approach e.g. a responsive web design (best for a redesign project), dedicated mobile version (best for adding the capability and for complex sites) and an app (best for device specific projects e.g. tablet, mobile, wearable)
  • Reviewing how the site will respond to multiple breakpoints (i.e. different pixel dimensions for various devices: 320, 480, 768) and functionality
  • Modifying the design for optimal display at the different break points
  • Testing and quality assurance for display, functionality, and usability issues

Our team has a broad range of experience developing for diverse screens and resolutions to create mobile experiences that are accessible and user-friendly from any device.

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