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Content marketing is used to increase traffic, engage, convert and acquire new leads while increasing sales. It is a relatively new discipline that lies at the core of most all Internet Marketing programs and is often the most critical component for determining success. It is also the most easily disregarded or last to be considered when allocating marketing resources.

Here is an overview of our process:

Discover & Define

This phase covers goals, analytics, research and brainstorming, specifically:

  • Establish the goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Review existing programs and resources e.g. SEO and content development
  • Review analytics and what has worked so far and what hasn’t
  • Identify key audience personas, key drivers most important to them and the questions they are asking (this is one of the most important steps)
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions with the project team to determine the best strategy going forward, including what content needs to be created
  • Create a Project Plan that outlines all action items, who will perform each action item, schedule and budget


This phase covers implementing the strategy as specified in the project plan. Some of the action items will include:

  • Finish SEO items that need to be completed such as content optimization, blog author (Google + profile) set up and other items
  • Develop content that answers questions that are most important to the target audience
  • Develop target-keyword centric content that has the best chance of being shared via social media
  • Monitor and engage users in social media and blogs
  • Test multiple CTAs

Analyze & Plan

Review results and make adjustments to the plan. Some of the action items for this phase include:

  • Analyze data such as goal/KPI and  CTA target completions
  • Review new content ideas, blog comments, related site/blog comments
  • Create action item list for each team member
  • Review with team
  • Revise the Project Plan as needed


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