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Zurn Yacht Design

Harry Bartlett

Zurn Yacht Design, based in Marblehead, MA. designs custom yachts for the high end of the market, such as the Shelter Island Commuter, “Vendetta” for the musician Billy Joel. 

"The site is visually beautiful, like the enduring characteristic of Zurn's designs. Also, the navigation is intuitive and fast with the content touching all things a prospect wants to learn. What I liked best was that you didn't try to be too complete. The goal of the site is to encourage direct contact, moving the visitor from a suspect to a prospect."

Jim Mullen, 
Mullen Advertising

Zurn needed a new logo and website to support their exclusive position at the top of the market. To achieve this we used beautiful edge-to-edge photography, interactive slideshows and video to tell the brand story. A Responsive Web Design allows the site to adjust from large screens to tablets to mobile, delivering a compelling user experience on any device.


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