Isabel Gillies: Project Summary

Isabel Gilles website homepage

Isabel Gillies: Project Summary

Harry Bartlett

Isabel Gillies is an actress and author of books such as Happens Every Day, A Year and Six Seconds and the upcoming Starry Night, a young adult novel about first love. Gillies has appeared on Law and Order and on Oprah as well as published in Vogue, The New York Times and Cosmopolitan.

Gillies needed a website redesign and branding to announce the release of her newest book, Starry Night. The new site was designed to blend the same whimsical and romantic feeling as the novel into a user-friendly website experience.

"Bartlett made launching my site very easy. They are accessible, efficient, hugely knowable, have loads of taste and couldn't be nicer people to deal with. I have great admiration for what they do (since I can barely get my email right) and would use them again and again."

Isabel Gillies
Author, Happens Every Day
New York, NY

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