Concord Conservatory of Music: Project Summary

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Concord Conservatory of Music: Project Summary

Harry Bartlett

Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) is a nonprofit dedicated to 'fostering community through music by providing accessible, high-quality education and performance opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels'.

We have worked with CCM from the start, creating the logo, website, course catalog, event materials, and other print design. Particular emphasis has been placed on developing an online presence optimized for search engines as well as integrating social media.

"...very distinctive branding and a methodical approach - I am proud of all the design work. The compliments speak volumes."

Kate Yoder
School Director
Concord Conservatory of Music

About the author

Harry started Bartlett Interactive in 1998 and focuses on integrating best practices in branding, user experience design, Internet marketing and technology to increase the value of an online presence.
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