Web design overview

Web design encompasses many aspects of a website including the visual design, information architecture, content, usability and interactive features (animations, user interactions etc.).

The design process starts with researching our clients industry as well as best-in-class examples as shown in Communication Arts and other online resources.

Utilizing the information architecture defined in the sitemap and wireframes, the web design is created in photoshop starting with the home page and then extending into interior pages. While every website is different we incorporate well tested design principles and aesthetics on every project. Some of these include:

  • Emphasis on a ‘clean’ design, including the layout, typography and color
  • Highlighting content over design
  • Subscribing to ‘a just enough is more’ design credo i.e. not over designing or adding gratuitous design elements
  • Incorporating a generous use of whitespace to make pages easier to read and use
  • Using color sparingly to help highlight ‘calls to action’ and content
  • Utilizing a ‘Responsive Web Design’ whenever possible so that the site displays optimally on mobile, tablet and desktop computers
  • Adhering to usability best practices such as standardized navigation schemas, user interactions (mouseovers, links, visited links) and open layouts with vertical scrolling
  • Large font sizes e.g. standard paragraph text at 14 pt or larger
  • Placing the most important content on the left side of the page, e.g. placing photos and content there, not secondary navigation
  • Utilizing large, visual dropdowns from the primary navigation

Other factors critical to a successful web design are specific to the website type. Here are some of the types of sites we specialize in:


Each of these types include nuances that when done well, add to the success of the web design. Underlying design principles coupled with the specific type and industry of each project provides an extraordinary depth of possibilities for every project.


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