Web Development Services

After years of developing custom web applications during the Internet bubble years, we now focus on using off-the-shelf applications and open source components. This requires continually evaluating and researching the latest tools and options for web development.

The majority of our capabilities fall into these categories:

  • Mobile: Responsive Web Design and mobile development
  • Server-side coding: PHP, SQL, ASP, and Actionscript
  • Client-side coding: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML
  • Open-source content management such as Drupal and Wordpress
  • Adobe technologies including Flash, Dreamweaver, and Contribute
  • E-commerce applications such as Drupal Commerce, ProStoresUbercart, and Miva
  • Video development including editing, production, and deployment, e.g. Adobe Flash, Drupal, YouTube, and Vimeo)
  • CRM applications such as
  • MySQL development
  • On-site search including Apache Solr, Google and SWISHe

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