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Here are a few select articles/blog posts we think are important for growing an online presence.

Best practices for Library Website Design (blog post): See a blog post about how to create an effective website design for library websites.

Websites that Generate Leads: Lead generation and website conversion - process and actions. 

Websites that Increase Brand Effectiveness: While SEO and Internet marketing have more cache today, branding and user experience design is still at the core of an online initiative’s success.

Websites that Build Community: As the web becomes more social, the ability of brands to foster community becomes more important.

The 3 Parts to a Healthy Online Presence: What are the three main components of a healthy online presence? Check it out to learn more.

Seeding the Marketing Cloud (blog post): Learn how a corporate web presence has evolved over time and how to use the Internet as a marketing cloud and seed it to increase the value of an online marketing presence.

Statistics Every Marketer Should Know (blog post): Understand what are the meanings of some critical online marketing metrics, such as Cost Per Lead (CPL), Return on Investment (ROI) to your online marketing campaign.

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B-to-B web design example showing best practices for conversion (Client: Olympus Innov-X)

Viral marketing example showing best practices for sharing tools  (Client: Better Homes and Gardens)


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