The Bartlett Interactive Tool Suite: Best Practices for Website Design, Development and Internet Marketing

BITS: Design, Marketing, Technology. The best tools in interactive web design, conversion, SEO, content management systems.


BITS provides companies an easy way to utilize best practices for the design and development of websites as well as the management of Internet marketing programs. It is based on Bartlett’s 16 years of experience delivering web solutions for over 260 clients in a variety of industries.

The value of BITS is in providing companies access to well-tested Internet technologies and marketing practices that improve ROI and help grow businesses online.

The tool suite focuses on the 3 key areas of a healthy online presence:


The following tools comprise the BITS system:


While there is no substitute for the skill of a good web designer, there are tools that can enhance the user experience as well as better manage branded components. These include:

  • Design: easy-to-use customizable templates, pre-built drop-downs, pre-built menu systems from Wordpress and the Drupal framework and unlimited fonts using Font Squirrel
  • Content: best-of-class tools and processes for the search-engine friendly display of text, graphics, photos and videos using Flickr, Thickbox, Drupal, SlideShow Pro, and YouTube
  • User Interface Interactions: utilizing the extensive jQuery library for enhancing user interactions on websites such as dynamic forms that increase conversion and easier ways for users to explore and interact with content



Tools in this area are evolving quickly, especially for SEO and Internet marketing. Here are our favorites:

  • Lead Management: best practices for converting users, storing leads, and providing easy access to leads using Drupal and
  • E-mail Marketing: extensive experience deploying email campaigns including well-branded templates, email distribution, and analytics using Campaign Monitor
  • SEO: the latest tools for keyword research, rankings, analysis and search-engine friendly site construction tools including Alexa, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Searchmetrics, and SEO Digger
  • Social Media: best practices for optimizing a social media presence, everything from integrating posts via RSS to sending SEO-optimized press releases through PRWeb
  • Metrics & Analysis: aggregation of key performance indicators from primary sources including Google Analytics,, Campaign Monitor, and Drupal



At the core of any website is the content management system (CMS). Choosing the wrong CMS can be very expensive over the long term. We typically work with the Drupal framework or WordPress since they have become the clear leaders in these areas:

  • Content Management: easy-to-use web publishing features such as WYSIWYG website editing, template management, taxonomy, on-site search, and RSS (to name a few)
  • Extensible Framework: advanced functionality and web application development made more easily using the Drupal framework for complex functionality such as: e-commerce, mobile apps, and online communities
  • Open Technology: both platforms are open-source and work in a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) avoiding costly licensing fees and benefiting from mainstream technologies
  • Developer Network: Drupal especially has a passionate developer network committed to enhancing the application, developing add-on modules, and ensuring the platform will be supported for years to come



The following projects were recently completed using BITS system:

Better Homes and Gardens (

BITS development for Better Homes and Gardens included internet marketing, blog design, seo and social media integration.

Better Homes and Gardens needed a web presence and Internet marketing platform for introducing their Kitchen Collection line sold through Walmart. The site included many features such as a blog, recipe swap, extensive product photography, blogger contest, video, and social media integration. Post-launch services include SEO, email marketing, and social media integration.

The site has over 400 pages and uses Drupal core functionality plus about 30 add-on modules for managing content, blog, social media, and community functionality.

BITS allowed for easy development of the site and online community as well as post-launch Internet marketing activities — saving time, increasing effectiveness, and providing a healthy ROI.

EBSCO Publishing (EP) (

Bartlett Interactive Tool Suite used for web aplication development for EBSCO Publishing.

EBSCO Publishing needed a web application that could be easily replicated and customized for multiple product offerings. Some of these offerings include subscription based e-commerce for the general public, private corporate communities, free trials, forums, user authentication, on-site search, blogs, RSS, and socal media feeds.

Each product website utilizes extensive Drupal core functional and numerous off-the-shelf and customized modules.

The benefits of the BITS system included: reduced time required to develop the web application, easy management of websites, and the ability to launch complex product offerings easily in the future.


Website design for the non-profit, UTEC, included an online marketing solution and integration.

The site we built for the United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) included extensive website design and development, an online community, and advocacy tools for a nationally-renowned non-profit serving the youth community in Lowell, MA. Website features include an online store, a social action petition micro-site, forums, job resources, videos, Flickr-fed photo galleries, online donations, audio gallery, integration, on-site search, and a private registered users area.

The BITS system saved development time allowing for more time to be spent on design, messaging, social action (online petitions and advocacy), user interactions, and site features such as the photo, video, and audio galleries.


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